Our Unique Approach

A research and evidence based methodology to achieve visible, life-long results

A Chiro with a difference

What do we do?

At North Shore Family Chiropractors our focus is not only on the temporary relief of pain but on the long-term health of every patient. Our approach achieves optimal health by facilitating a more lasting improvement in the spine and posture.

Why is this unique?

We integrate the technique of Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) with traditional Chiropractic treatment. This is a more scientific approach to spinal realignment and pain relief. Our clinic is equipped with an expansive patient gym with specialised CBP equipment to compliment our programs.

What is CBP?

CBP is the most researched chiropractic technique in the world. CBP research proves that the spine has an optimal structure called the Ideal Spine. When the spine assumes its healthy and ideal alignment it is able to able to perform at it’s peak, helping to prevent further injury and damage.

Our 4 Stages of Care

Chiropractor Chatswood Spinal xray

1. Assessment

Your first appointment will be a discovery session by your Chiropractor to understand your symptoms, medical history and evaluate your spine. This is done by postural and in-house x-ray analysis.

Poor posture is a strong indicator of unhealthy structure and is therefore a key component in your assessment. X-ray analysis enables us to confirm the extent of the problem and create an individualised program of care. Your results and our recommendations are based on detailed measurements of the curves in your spine which are compared to healthy, normal expectations.

If you are in serious pain this appointment can also include an additional 15 minute treatment session.

2. Consultation

After the initial Assessment your Chiropractor will review all the data about your spine. This will include the results of the physical exam, the postural assessment and any x-rays taken. We will also match those results with your current lifestyle characteristics. Recommendations will be made by your Chiropractor about your current spinal health and you can choose the priority of what you want addressed first.

In this session you will get the facts about your body and how we can work together to solve your problems. We’ve found that once patients understand what is wrong, they’re even more motivated to work towards achieving their goals. We present you with the facts and enable to you to make the right choices for your long-term wellbeing.

This appointment may also involve a 15 minute treatment session.

3. Treatment

During this stage of care, your Chiropractor will focus on stabilising your condition and eliminating the majority of your pain and any other symptoms. This is achieved by adjusting the spine and reducing spinal stiffness, restriction and nerve irritation.

For most people the cause of their problems started long before they were aware of any symptoms. In fact, there is often a lot more damage to the spine than people realise. That’s why our process is focused not only on relieving the pain and symptoms but reversing some of the underlying damage.

Posture correction equipment at North Shore Family Chiropractors Chatswood

4. Correction

During corrective care we focus on restoring normal movement and alignment to the spine, allowing the body to begin the healing process. We aim to create more permanent improvements in spinal alignment and structure through a combination of strategies:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to align and restore movement of the spine
  • Unique exercise programs in our specialised gym – designed to help remodel your spine (just as braces are used by dentists to remodel your teeth)
  • Postural rehabilitation exercises
  • Education designed to help prevent further damage to your spine and nervous system.

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